Old Labels

Old Mull EST. 1879

Old Mull is one of the rare Victorian whiskies that has survived to this day. Originally this whisky was produced by Glasgow whisky trader John Hopkins & Co, this was in the late 19th century. These whiskies most likely contained Tobermory and Speyburn malts and even perhaps Oban. These were distilleries that were licensed at one time or another to the owner at the time.

Although the current composition has changed slightly, Old Mull is where you’ll find the pride and passion for making Victorian-style Whisky.



Old Mull Whiskey originated on the island Mull today makes a style of whiskey that captures the essence and spirit of the island. With pride and passion for Victorian style whiskey making, you can taste a touch of this soul in our unique single malts.

Old Mull Single Malts

Experience the ultimate Distilation of Scotlandā€™s Malt Whisky within our acclaimed Single Malt Range. Each and every Old Mull Single Malt Whisky reveals our unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit since 1879.



The Island Mull

It is said that the Wester Islands of Scotland provide the soul of fine Scotch Whisky. Old Mull ā€“ like the island itself ā€“ captures the spirits of Scotland with its unique blend of fine malt and grain whiskies and the refined style of fine single malt whiskies. Truly a Scotch whisky of which the Western Islanders can be proud.

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